Super Bowl commercials 2022: Watch the best ads before Super Bowl 56 here


Come for the football, stay for the commercials. 

Super Bowl commercials may not be what they once were, but in 2022, they already have a leg up on what 2021 had to offer. With several big-name companies opting out of an opportunity to advertise last year, some heavy hitters including Pepsi are back with ads this year.

With over 100 million viewers expected to tune in, the real estate for advertising for the Super Bowl is typically gold. That won't stop companies from releasing their ads ahead of time, as we've seen in recent years with increased frequency.

Heading up to this year's Super Bowl matchup between the Rams and Bengals, you can catch every released Super Bowl 56 ad below.

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Super Bowl commercials 2022

Budweiser: 'A Clydesdale's Journey'

Horses, beer and man's best friend. What more could you need?

Budweiser is back with a somewhat inspirational Super Bowl 56 ad featuring one of their iconic clydesdale horses. 

Did anyone else expect this ad to end with the dog to be riding the horse? Just me? OK.

Doritos: 'Push It'

Ever wonder what animals do when people aren't around? Doritos attempts to answer that question with their Super Bowl 56 ad, "Push It," which features anthropomorphic animals singing (and beat-boxing) along to the Salt-n-Pepa hit, "Push It."

Please record all of your drunk friends reacting to this commercial.

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda: 'Land of Loud Flavors'

Pack your bigs, because Bud Light is taking you on a trip to Flavortown.

In a commercial for their hard soda, Bud Light brings you to the Land of Loud Flavors and its mayor, celebrity chef (and purveyor of awesome hair), Guy Fieri.

AT&T: 'A Lot in Common'

Paging Ashton Kutcher. 

AT&T's Super Bowl 56 ad features Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Mila Kunis, who were reportedly locked in a personal feud over Kutcher, with whom Kunis is married to now, and Moore was married to once.

Safe to say, AT&T brings an end to any rumors of the rift. (Maybe they'll meet at WrestleMania in a Custody of Kutcher match.)

Chevrolet: 'Walter in Winter'

Just the story of a man, his truck and his dog-like cat.

Walter the Cat and John Hoogenakker take you on a galavant through a winter wonderland in their Chevy Silverado pickup truck, featuring hilarious hijinks from the feline. 

Pepsi: 'Road to Super Bowl LVI'

After a year away, Pepsi is back with the Salsa, the Mannings, "The Bus," the bus, and the … Bradshaw.

Starring Peyton and Eli Manning, Jerome Bettis, Victor Cruz and Terry Bradshaw, Pepsi's first ad for the Super Bowl is like a movie trailer.

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